Index of hotel investment topics

Hotel Ownership and Investing

Hotel investors are looking to maximize revenue and minimize expenses in order to create bottom line profit and enhance the value of their hotels.  These books and articles focus on a wide range of hotel ownership issues related to their investments

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Hotel Appraisals and Feasibility Studies

Hotel appraisals and feasibility studies requires knowledge of the local market, financial projections and various valuation procedures.  Because hotels are both going businesses and real estate investments developing an accurate estimate of value is a complex task.  These books and articles provide all the information needed to produce hotel appraisals and feasibility studies.

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Hotel Management Contracts and Franchises

 If you contemplate entering into a hotel management contract or franchise you need to know the details of how to select the right operator and brand and what contract provisions are essential to protect your interests.  

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Hotel Lending

Hotel lending is a specialized form of investment requiring knowledge of a wide range of factors including- hotel valuations, operator expertise, borrower's financial strength and local market conditions.  In addition, hotel lenders must be prepared to handle distressed situations when their loans do not perform.  These books an articles help hotel owners and lenders evaluate all the factors required to make good lending decisions.  

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Hotel Operators

The best hotel operators think like hotel owners. They are looking to maximize long-term revenues while minimizing long-term expenses and maintaining service levels and guest satisfaction. These articles will give hotel operators- both on-site management and home-office supervisors the tools and knowledge to understand the objectives and challenges of hotel owners. This collection of over 40 articles cover a wide array of informative topics such as hotel leases, property taxes, capex, co-branding, distressed loans and how to perform a break-even analysis. When you start thinking like an owner- someday you might become an owner.

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Hotel Property Taxes

One of the biggest costs of owning a hotel are property taxes.  The procedures for developing a property tax assessment vary widely so it is essential hotel owners fully understand the correct methodology for valuing a hotel for assessment purposes.  

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Hotel Valuation Software- 6.0

Hotel Valuation Software 6.0 is computer software designed specifically to assist in the preparation of hotel market studies, forecasts of income and expense, and hotel valuations. The software provides the framework, along with the mathematical calculations, to develop detailed forecasts of hotel occupancy, average room rates, revenues and expenses that can be used as a basis for hotel market studies and appraisals.  

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Sample Hotel Appraisals and Feasibility Studies

Here is a chance to see examples of actual hotel market studies and appraisals.  These 150+ page studies show all the complex analyses and calculations needed to develop an estimate of value and feasibility. 

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Restaurant Market Studies & Valuations

Very little has been written about how to perform a restaurant market study and valuation.  These articles, along with a book chapter provide a step-by-step procedure for evaluating a restaurant market and developing a valuation.  

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Research and Informative Publications

HVS conducts research on a wide-variety of topics oriented towards hotel owners, operators and lenders.  In addition, I have published many informative "How to" publications over the years attempting to help hotel investors become better at the profession.  Everyone in the hotel industry should stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities.  Some of the these publications include:     

  • HVS Lodging Tax Report
  • HVS Hotel Valuation Index (HVI)
  • HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide
  • HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts
  • HVS Asia-Pacific Hotel Operator Guide- 2018 
  • HVS Hotel Broker Survey
  • HVS Hotel Market Overviews
  • Negotiating Hotel Management Contracts
  • Data Collection Checklist for Hotel Market Studies & Valuations

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Hotel Investment Textbooks

Steve Rushmore has authored a number of textbooks on hotel investing and valuation.  These have become the information bible for many hotel owners, lenders and investors.

Texts available for download include:

  • Hotel Investments- A Guide for Lenders and Owners
  • Hotel Investment Handbook- 2000

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HVS Hotel Market Overviews

HVS conducts thousands of hotel studies each year.  Many of these studies focus on local hotel market conditions.  These Hotel Market Overviews provide hotel owners, operators and lenders important information on local hotel markets.

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Collection of Articles on Hotel Investment Topics

The Hotel Investment Library contains a collection of timeless books and articles written by Steve Rushmore and his Associates over the past 50 years.

Steve Rushmore, Founder of HVS, pioneered the concept that hotel investing requires in depth knowledge of both hotel operations and real estate. He then literally "wrote the book" on this concept showing the world how to evaluate hotel investments through his eight textbooks, 350+ articles, software and numerous speeches and seminars.


You can now download some of his best books and articles written over the years. Also included are other noted publications written by his associates at HVS.

The Hotel Investment Library is organized by the following hotel industry players:

  • Hotel Ownership and Investing
  • Hotel Appraisals and Feasibility Studies
  • Hotel Management Contracts and Franchises
  • Hotel Lending
  • Hotel Operators
  • Hotel Property Taxes
  • Restaurant Market Studies and Valuations

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Free Article Downloads

As a service to hotel owners, operators, lenders and investors, the Hotel Investment Library provides its users a number of articles free of charge.  You can check this website for a list of Free Article Downloads or you can subscribe to the Library's Newsletter to receive alerts when new articles are added to the Free Article Download list. 

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