Restaurant Valuations & Market Studies

A Collection of Articles on Restaurant Valuations and Market Studies

Try Googling “the valuation of restaurants” and you will find a dearth of articles.  Those that are out there generally offer useless rules of thumb.  Steve Rushmore's article published by the Cornell Hotel School Quarterly and also the Appraisal Journal is the only in depth approach to the valuation of food service facilities.  It shows how to value not only the restaurant’s business but also the restaurant’s real estate (if it is not leased).  If you own or operate a restaurant you need to know how much it is worth- this Collection of 15+ articles will tell you how.  

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Textbook: Valuations and Market Studies for Restaurants

This could be the most comprehensive publication describing how to perform a market study and valuation for restaurants.  Over 60 pages long, this book thoroughly covers the subject with a focus on the following areas:

  •  History of the Restaurant Industry
  • Future Opportunities
  • National Demand for Restaurants
  • Characteristics of Restaurant Demand
  • Measuring Market Demand
  • Chase Study of a Proposed Restaurant
  • Quantifying Demand
  • Analyzing Competition Using Competitive Indexes
  • Forecasting Patrons Per Week (PPW) and Average Check
  • Forecasting Restaurant Revenue and Expenses
  • Restaurant Valuation Procedures

If you are thinking of starting a restaurant, buying a restaurant or selling  a restaurant- you need to have this publication.

Price- Valuations and Market Studies for Restaurants- $75

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