Hotel Ownership & Investing

The following publications related to Hotel Ownership and Investing are available in this section:

  • Collection of Articles on Hotel Ownership and Investing
  • Hotel Investments Handbook: 2000
  • Hotel Investments: A Guide for Owners and Lenders
  • Hotel Valuation Software- 6.0
  • HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts
  • HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide
  • HVS Hotel Broker Survey
  • HVS Hotel Market Area Overviews
  • Research and Informative Publications
  • Restaurant Market Studies and Valuations
  • Free Article Downloads

See these Publications below:

Collection of Articles on Hotel Ownership and Investing

If you are active in any type of hotel investing as a developer, owner, lender, operator or investor this collection of 160+ articles is essential reading.  

Covering a wide-range of topics these articles focus on hotel ownership and investing issues such as how to make the ideal hotel investment, the art of renovation, profiting from a downturn, who needs an asset manager and how to get the best sales price.  Lenders need to read when will the bubble burst, shielding against incompetence, and living with recession.  Many people believe hotels are high-risk investments, this set of articles will help you minimize these risks.

Price for the Collection of 160+ Articles: $200

Price for individual articles: $25/article  (to order individual articles contact

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Hotel Investments Handbook: 2000

If you have questions pertaining to the hotel industry- The Hotel Investments Handbook probably has the answers. This text covers a wide array of topics including site analysis, revenue forecasting, negotiating management contracts, capital sources and financing, buying and selling, casino gaming, hotel development, investment strategies and many more. It also has a variety of sample documents such as purchase and sale agreements, data collection checklist, ground lease and hundreds of clauses for hotel management contracts. While this 30 year old book has information that is somewhat dated most of its contents is still relevant. No other book has so much essential information for hotel owners, lenders, operators and investors.   

Price for the Hotel Investments Handbook: $99

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Hotel Investments: A Guide for Owners and Lenders- 1990

Everything you need to know to make profitable hotel investments. From site selection, project feasibility, financing, developing, finding an operator, negotiating a management contract, asset management and selling at the right time. Over 600 pages of invaluable hotel investing information. While this book was written a number of years ago, much of the its information is still relevant today.

Price for Hotel Investments: A Guide for Owners and Lenders- 1990: $99

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Hotel Valuation Software- 6.0

Hotel Valuation Software 6.0 is computer software designed specifically to assist in the preparation of hotel market studies, forecasts of income and expense, and hotel valuations. The software provides the framework, along with the mathematical calculations, to develop detailed forecasts of hotel occupancy, average room rates, revenues and expenses that can be used as a basis for hotel market studies and appraisals.  

 The tool consists of three separate software programs: 

  • Hotel Market Analysis and ADR Forecasting Model
  • Hotel Revenue and Expense Forecasting Model
  • Hotel Mortgage-Equity Valuation Model

If you have any involvement with hotel investing, finance, accounting or consulting Hotel Valuation Software is an essential tool for your business

Price: $99 for each model or $250 for all three models

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HVS Guides to Hotel Management Contracts

HVS consults for thousands of hotels around the world each year many of which are operated by hotel management companies.  This publication presents the results of an extensive review of the terms and contract provisions of hundreds of hotel management agreements conducted across the Americas (USA, Canada and South America), Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.  If you are a hotel owner looking to engage a management company or if you are a hotel operator looking to develop a competitive management agreement you must have a copy of the HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts.

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The Global Guide covering all the Regions of the World- $3,000

The Regional Guides- $2,000/region

Complete Package- Global Guide and the 3 Regional Guides- $5,000

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HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide

Do you know that the total cost of a franchise affiliation when all the expenses are included can exceed 15% of a hotel’s rooms revenue over the term of the franchise?  In addition to the royalty fee, a franchise affiliation requires the hotel owner to pay an initial fee, marketing fees, reservation fees, frequent traveler fees, technology fees, training fees, etc.  This Hotel Franchise Fee Guide calculates all these fees for each brand affiliation so hotel owners can compare the total cost across all the brands.  If you are thinking of obtaining a hotel franchise this research Guide provides essential information for your selection. 

Price:  $595

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HVS Hotel Broker Survey

The results of a survey of 40 hotel brokers on the current state of the hotel transaction environment for 26 markets across the U.S. and Canada.  Topic covered in this this study include: what are the greatest challenges being faced by hotel buyers and sellers in your market today, current cap rates and future trends,  room revenue multipliers, exposure and marketing time, selling expenses, outlook for the future.  If you are considering buying or selling a hotel- the HVS Hotel Broker Survey will be a valuable resource in your decision making process.

Price of the HVS Hotel Broker Survey:   $295

Negotiating Hotel Management Contracts

This publication contains everything you need to know to negotiate a hotel management contract.  The management contract is probably the most important agreement that a hotel owner will sign.  Unlike many agreements, hotel management contracts are highly negotiated requiring intimate knowledge of all the terms and conditions.  To negotiate a fair contract you must have a strategy for obtaining your desired contract provisions- many of which are not so apparent.

Negotiating Hotel Management Contracts covers a wide variety of topics including: 

  • The different types of hotel management companies 
  • How to select a management company
  • How to develop a negotiating strategy
  • What clauses are most important what are least important
  • Should the management company bring a flag

The publication contains over 70 pages of contract clauses from actual hotel management contracts arranged topically into 11 different sections.  Each clause shows its orientation- Owner Oriented, Operator-Oriented or Neutral.  This identification of orientation should allow the user to select the clauses that best represent their interest. 

Price: Negotiating Hotel Management Contacts:  $75 

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HVS Hotel Market Area Overviews

HVS performs hundreds of hotel market studies each year all over the world. These studies focus on the local demand for transient visitation, the supply of hotel accommodations, local economic drivers and locational factors. The HVS Hotel Market Area Overviews contain a wealth of useful information for hotel owners, operators and lenders interested in a quick introduction to a particular hotel market. 

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Research and Informative Publications

HVS conducts research on a wide-variety of topics oriented towards hotel owners, operators and lenders.  In addition, I have published many informative "How To" publications over the years attempting to help hotel owners, lenders and operators become better at their profession.  Everyone in the hotel industry should  stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities.  Some of the informative publications are listed below:

  • HVS Lodging Tax Report
  • HVS Hotel Valuation Index
  • HVS Hotel Broker Survey
  • Fieldwork Checklist for Hotel Market Studies

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Restaurant Market Studies & Valuations

Very little has been written about how to perform a restaurant market study and valuation.  These articles provide a step-by-step procedure for evaluating a restaurant market and developing a restaurant valuation.  In addition, a while back I wrote a book that described "The Valuations and Market Studies for Restaurants."  The Articles and Book are essential reading for anyone interested in buying or building a restaurant.

Price: The Collection of 15+ articles on Restaurant Market Studies and Valuations: $80

Price: Book on the Valuations and Market Studies for Restaurants: $75

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Free Article Downloads

As a service to hotel owners, operators, lenders and investors, the Hotel Investment Library provides its users a number of articles free of charge.  

You can check this website for a list of Free Article Downloads or you can subscribe to the Library's Newsletter to receive alerts when new articles are added to the Free Article Download List. 

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