Collection of Articles: Hotel mgmt contracts & franchises

Most hotels have either a management contract or franchise or both.  Before you start negotiating either of these agreements- you need to read these articles so you are up to speed as to what you need to know.  These are long-term contracts that can have a huge impact on your bottom line- both positive and negative.  This collection of 25+ articles focused on both hotel management contracts and franchise agreements.  A number of the articles deal with having ways to terminate an agreement that is not working.  

Price for the Collection of 25+ Articles on Hotel Management Contracts and Franchises: $75

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The following is a list of articles on Hotel Management Contracts and Franchises in this Collection:

  • A Case for Being lndependent
  • Anatomy of a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC)
  • Basic Concepts of Co-Branding
  • Branding with History Historic Hotels
  • Case For Being lndependent
  • Current Impact of Brand PIP Requirements on Hotel Sales
  • Dual Brand Hotel Market-Overview
  • Evaluating the Total Cost of a Hotel Franchise
  • Franchisors Starting To Clean Up Their Act
  • Hidden Costs Of Franchise Agreement
  • Hotel Franchising How To Be A Successful Franchise
  • Hotel Management Contracts In Europe
  • Hotels Performance Clauses
  • HVS 2018 Franchise Fee Guide
  • lmpact Studies
  • Industry Insights Impacts of Major Brand PIPs
  • Management Contracts
  • Performance Clauses Essential In Contract
  • Performance Clauses
  • Pricing A Management Contract
  • Shielding Against lncompetence
  • Simple Solution to lmpact
  • Six Things To Consider Before Obtaining A Hotel Franchise
  • Structuring A Hotel Investment 
  • System for Selecting A Management Company
  • Trends In Hotel Management Contracts
  • Understanding Franchise Fees
  • What Does A Franchise Cost
  • Who Needs An Asset Manager
  • Why the Management Team Should Be Important to Hotel Lenders