Collection of Articles: appraisals & feasibility studies

If you are active in any type of hotel investing as a developer, owner, lender, operator or investor this collection of 115+ articles focused on Hotel Appraisals and Feasibility Studies is essential reading.

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The following is a list of articles on Hotel Appraisals and Feasibility Studies in this Collection:

  • Adjusting Comparable Sales for Hotel Assessment Appeals
  • Allure of Hotel Investment Expected to Moderate Rise in Capitalization Rates
  • An Investment Driven Breakeven Analysis for Hotels
  • Appraisal of Food Service Facilities
  • Appraisal of Foodservice Facilities- CQ.
  • Art & Science of Hotel Valuation in Economic Downturn
  • Beware of Hotel Cap Rates
  • Broker Vs. The Appraiser How to Value A Hotel
  • Buying Opportunities On The Horizon
  • Cap Rate 101
  • Capex In Crisis
  • Colorado Board of Assessment Appeals Confirms Rental Management Program as Intangible Asset
  • Comparative Capitalization Rate Study
  • Comparing Same Hotel Across Five Regions
  • Current Impact of Brand PIP Requirements on Hotel Sales
  • Debt Yield
  • Development Cost Can Determine Feasibility
  • Does Your Underwriting Adequately Compensate for the Timing of Future Cash Flow
  • Don't Overpay For Hotel Sites
  • Don't Try To Time The Market
  • Don't Worry About Room Rates
  • Dramatic Decline in Hotel Capitalization Rates Reflects Shift in Market Sentiment
  • Dual Brand Hotel Market-Overview
  • Equity Yield Rates on the Decline
  • Estimating Hotel Land Value Using Comparable Ground Leases
  • Estimating Land Value by the Ground Lease Approach
  • Ethics in Hotel Appraising
  • Facts About Induced Demand
  • Feasibility Studies Fact or Fiction
  • Five Common County Mistakes in Valuing Hotels or Restaurants for Property Tax Purposes
  • Forecasting Revenues And Expenses
  • Forecasting Market-wide Gaming Revenue (Win) for the Macau
  • Global Approach To Hotel Valuations
  • Global Financial Differences
  • Global Income Valuation Part 1
  • Global Income Valuation Part 2
  • Global Income Valuations
  • Going Beyond RevPar To Determine Value
  • Hotel Cap Rates and Values in a Changing Market Environment
  • Hotel Capitalization Rates Bottom Out
  • Hotel Capitalization Rates on the Rise
  • Hotel Capitalization Rates Stabilize as Market Forces Create State of Equilibrium
  • Hotel Cost Estimating Guide 2017
  • Hotel Cost Estimating Guide 2018
  • Hotel DevelopmentCostSurvey2017-18
  • Hotel Investment Risk What Are The Chances
  • Hotel Land Values and the Ground Lease Approach (2)
  • Hotel Life Expectancy
  • Hotel Valuation Techniques
  • Hotel Valuation Thumb Rule
  • Hotel Value Fundamentals Signal Positive Trend in Transactions
  • Hotel Values in Transition - An Appraisal Technique for These Uncertain Times
  • Hotel Valuation and Transaction Trends For the U.S. Lodging lndustry
  • Hotel-Motel Appraisal Misconceptions Set Straight
  • Hotels Land Value
  • How Do High Interest Rates Affect Your Motel's Value
  • How Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Values
  • How Interest Rates Affect Real Estate
  • How Land Cost Impacts Value
  • How Many Rooms Is Too Many Per capita Demand and the Hotel Cycle
  • How Much Should That Hotel Loan Cost You
  • How to Add Value to Your Hotel Asset
  • How To Buy A Feasibility Study That Works for You
  • How To Commission A Feasibility Study
  • How To Get The Best Sales Price
  • How To Perform A Study Of Your Property's Market
  • How to Test Hotel Feasibility
  • Huge Buying Opportunities
  • Identifying Distressed Hotel Acquisitions
  • Impact of Countervailing Forces on Hotel Values and Cap Rates
  • Impact of Hurricanes on Supply and Demand
  • Impact of Seller Financing Upon Hotel Values
  • Impact of Technology on Hotel Sales and Marketing
  • Impact Studies
  • Index Funds vs Hotel Values
  • Investment Values of Lodging Property - Part 1
  • Investment Values of Lodging Property - Part 2
  • Low Cap Rates Drive Gains in Hotel Value
  • Low Interest Rates and High Demand for Hotel Assets
  • Magic Curse Of Leverage
  • Making Alan Greenspan Your Partner
  • Making Sense Of Low Cap Rates
  • Many Hotel Sellers Won Big in 2018
  • Market Value vs. Replacement Cost
  • Misconceptions About Appraisals
  • National Averages
  • Navigate the Pitfalls Motel Valuations- Part-1
  • Navigate the Pitfalls Motel Valuations- Part-2
  • Neighborhood Business
  • New Approach To Appraising Hotels
  • New Hotel Valuation Approach
  • Per Diem Rates- Current & Historical Trends
  • Positive Operating Leverage Results in Another Year of Hotel Value Gains
  • Possessory Interests in Hotel Real Estate
  • Pricing A Management Contract
  • Profiting from this Downturn
  • Prognosis for Occupancy and Average Rate in a Slowing Economy
  • Repercussions Of September 11th
  • Replacement Cost Crucial Investment Factor
  • Selecting The Firm To Prepare Your Feasibility Study
  • Seven Current Hotel Valuation Techniques
  • Simultaneous Valuation A New Capitalization Technique for Hotel and Other Income Properties
  • Steady Cap Rates Support Strong Hotel Value Gains in the USA
  • Strategic and Structural Changes in Hotel Mortgages
  • Top 6 Hotel Success Factors
  • Truth Behind Hotel Feasibility Studies
  • U.S. Hotel Development Cost Survey 2016-17
  • Understanding Economic Life
  • Ups and Downs of Operating Leverage 
  • US Hotel Value Gains Moderate as RevPAR Growth Slows and Cap Rates Rise Using Cycle Analysis To Increase Your Investment Returns
  • Using Total Project Analysis to Compete for Investment Capital
  • Valuation of Distressed Hotels
  • Value In Use Versus Value In Exchange
  • Valuing Distressed Properties
  • Valuing Hotels During Distressed Times
  • What Happens To Occupancy And Average Rate in a Slowing Economy
  • When Will The Bubble Burst



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