Collection of Articles on Hotel Lending

If you are active in any type of hotel lending as lender or borrower, as a  developer, owner, operator or investor, this collection of more 50+ articles focused on hotel lending is essential reading.  A number of the articles deal with distressed hotel loans and workout situations.  If you think we may be going into a recession in the near future- these articles will help you through and perhaps enable you to benefit from a downturn.

Price for the Collection of 50+ Articles on Hotel Lending: $80

Price for individual articles: $25/article  (to order individual articles contact

The following is a list of articles on Hotel Lending in this Collection:

  • Allure of Hotel Investment Expected to Moderate Rise in Capitalization Rates
  • Beware of Hotel Cap Rates
  • Cap Rate 101
  • Debt Yield
  • Distressed Hotel Loans
  • Does Your Underwriting Adequately Compensate for the Timing of Future Cash Flow
  • Don't Overpay For Hotel Sites
  • Don't Try To Time The Market
  • Don't Worry About Room Rates
  • Dramatic Decline in Hotel Capitalization Rates Reflects Shift in Market Sentiment
  • Dual Brand Hotel Market-Overview
  • Estimating Hotel Land Value Using Comparable Ground Leases
  • Estimating Land Value by the Ground Lease Approach
  • Ethics in Hotel Appraising
  • Feasibility Studies Fact or Fiction
  • Guide for Lenders Holding Distressed Hotel Loans
  • Hotel Cost Estimating Guide 2018
  • Hotel DevelopmentCostSurvey2017-18
  • Hotel Lenders Toughen Underwriting Requirements
  • Hotel Life Expectancy
  • Hotel Valuation Thumb Rule
  • How Do High Interest Rates Affect Your Motel's Value
  • How Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Values
  • How Much Should That Hotel Loan Cos
  • How Much Should That Hotel Loan Cost You
  • How To Buy A Feasibility Study That Works for You
  • How To Commission A Feasibility Study
  • How To Discourage Hotel Overbuilding A Case Study
  • How to Test Hotel Feasibility
  • Identifying Distressed Hotel Acquisitions
  • Impact of Seller Financing Upon Hotel Values
  • Lenders Dilemma Work Out Or Foreclose
  • lmpact Studies
  • Low Cap Rates Drive Gains in Hotel Value
  • Magic Curse Of Leverage
  • Making Alan Greenspan Your Partner
  • Making Sense Of Debt Yield Ratios
  • Misconceptions About Appraisals
  • Neighborhood Business
  • New Approach To Appraising Hotels
  • Refinancing Estimates of Hotel-Financing Costs
  • Replacement Cost Crucial Investment Factor
  • Selecting The Firm To Prepare Your Feasibility Study
  • Strategic and Structural Changes in Hotel Mortgages
  • Structuring A Hotel Investment
  • Ups and Downs of Operating Leverage
  • Valuation of Distressed Hotels
  • Valuing Distressed Properties
  • Valuing Hotels During Distressed Times
  • What Lenders Should Know About Extended Stay Hotels
  • Why the Management Team Should Be Important to Hotel Lenders



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