hvs hotel market overviews

The HVS Hotel Market Overviews contain a wealth of information for hotel owners, operators and lenders interested in a quick introduction to a particular market.  Each overview is somewhat different but generally talk about the local supply and demand, economic trends and factors affecting hotel occupancy, average room rate and valuation.

These Hotel Market Overviews are sold by geographic region.  For example North America has approximately 55 Market Overviews.  The $75 package price gets you all 55 Overviews.  In addition, for a period of 6 months, if new Overviews are added to the region, you will be notified of the additions and you may download the new Overviews free of charge.

If you want to order individual Market Overviews the price is $25/overview.  Please send an e-mail to steve@hotelvaluationsoftware.com with the Market(s) you would like to order.

The following list contains the HVS Hotel Market Overviews by geographic region along with the total package price for all the Overviews in that region.  

North America- $75- (package of all the Overviews- Plus 6 months of updates)

  • Anaheim, Garden Grove, CA Market Pulse
  • Annapolis, MD Market Pulse
  • Antigua Market Pulse
  • Atlanta, GA Market Pulse 
  • Baltimore-Ascending Market Pulse
  • Bend, Oregon Market Pulse
  • Bermuda Market Pulse
  • Birmingham, AL Market Pulse
  • Boise, Idaho Market Pulse
  • Boston, MA Market Pulse
  • Caribbean One Year Later- The Rebound
  • Charlotte, NC Market Pulse
  • Chicago Suburbs Market Pulse
  • Chicago, IL Market Pulse
  • Chicago, IL, Downtown Market Pulse
  • Cincinnati, OH Market Pulse
  • Dallas, TX Market Pulse
  • Detroit, MI Market Pulse
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL Market Pulse
  • Fort-Myers, FL Market Pulse
  • Fort-Worth, TX Market Pulse
  • Galveston, Texas Market Pulse
  • Hawaii Convention Center Market Pulse
  • Houston, TX Market Pulse
  • Indianapolis, IN Market Pulse
  • Irvine, CA Market Pulse
  • Kansas City, MO Market Pulse
  • Lake Charles, LA Metro Area Market Pulse 
  • Las-Vegas Casino & Hotel Market Outlook
  • LAX, CA Hotel Demand Takes Flight Market Pulse
  • Los Angeles, CA Downtown Market Pulse 
  • Lubbock, Texas Market Pulse
  • Manhattan Lodging Report Q4-2017 
  • Miami, FL Market Pulse
  • Minneapolis-St.-Paul, MN Market Pulse
  • New York City, NY Lodging Market Pulse
  • Niagara Falls Area, Ontario, Canada Market Pulse
  • Oklahoma City, OK Market Pulse
  • Orange County Beaches, CA Market Pulse 
  • Palm Springs & Desert Cities, CA Market Pulse
  • Philadelphia- Center City Market Pulse
  • Phoenix, AZ Market Pulse
  • Raleigh, NC Market Pulse
  • Reno, NV Market Pulse
  • Richmond, VA Market Pulse
  • Sacramento, CA Market Pulse
  • Salt Lake City, Utah Market Pulse
  • San Francisco, CA Market Pulse
  • Seattle, WA Market Pulse
  • Silicon-Valley, CA Market Pulse
  • Tampa, FL Market Pulse
  • Toronto Airport Strip, ON, Canada Market Pulse
  • Tucson, AZ Market Pulse 2017
  • Tucson, AZ Market Pulse
  • Washington, D.C. 2017 Market Pulse 
  • Washington, D.C. 2018 Market Pulse
  • Why-Aren't Hotels Being Built in Ski Towns

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Europe- $50- (package of all the Overviews- Plus 6 months of updates)

  • Alexandroupolis, Greece Market Pulse
  • Andalusia and Costa-del-Sol Market Pulse
  • Barcelona's-Stress Test Will the hotel market ride it out
  • Berlin In Search of ADR Growth
  • Budapest- On the Up
  • Capri Island, Italy Market Pulse
  • European Hotel Lending Survey 2017
  • European Hotel Lending Survey 2018
  • European Hotel Management Contracts
  • European Hotel Transactions 2016
  • European Hotel Valuation Index 2018
  • European Hotel-Transactions 2017
  • Florence, Italy Market Pulse
  • Geneva Ripe for Budget
  • Glasgow Market Pulse
  • Halkidiki, Greece Market Pulse
  • Ibiza, Spain Market Pulse
  • Madrid, Spain Market Pulse
  • Paris France
  • Red-Hot-Growth-in-an-lce-Cold-Land-An-Overview-of-lcelands-Hotel-Market.
  • Stockholm New Supply A Surmountable Hurdle 
  • Tuscany, Italy Countryside Market Pulse

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Asia- $30- (package of all the Overviews- Plus 6 months of updates)

  • Asia-Pacific Market Pulse 2017
  • Asia-Pacific Market Pulse 2018
  • Asia-Pacific-Select-Markets Hotel Valuation Index 2018
  • Bangkok Thailand Market Pulse
  • Hong Kong and Macau Update
  • Hong Kong Update 3rd Qt 2017
  • Hong Kong Update 4th Qt 2017
  • Indonesia Hotel Watch 2017
  • Macau Update 4th Qt 2017
  • Macau-Update 3rd Qt 2017
  • Malaysia A Rising Opportunity Market Pulse
  • Malaysia Reinvigorated Opportunities Market Pulse
  • Pattaya Thailand Market Pulse
  • Seychelles Hundred Islands of Paradise Market Pulse
  • Singapore Market Pulse
  • Singapore Preparing for a Smart Future Market Pulse
  • South Korea Overview Opportunity High-Speed Rail and Winter Olympics
  • Taiwan Hotel Market Update 2nd Qt 2017
  • Taiwan Update 4th Qt. 2017

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Middle East- $15- (package of all the Overviews- Plus 6 months of updates)

  • Doha Tracking Progress
  • GCC-Countrywide-Hotel-Performance-indicators
  • GCC-Hotel-Development-Cost-Trends
  • Israel Hotel Market Overview 2017
  • Israel Hotel Market Overview 2018
  • Middle East Hotel Survey Chaos Consolidation Opportunity 2017

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Africa- $15- (package of all the Overviews- Plus 6 months of updates)

  • Africa The Land of Opportunity 2018 
  • African Hotel Market Update 2016
  • African Hotel Market Update Market Pulse 2017
  • African Hotel Valuation Index 2016
  • Cape-Town 2018
  • Kenya Market Pulse

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