HVS Guides to Hotel Management Contracts

If you are faced with an upcoming hotel management contract negotiation then you need one of the HVS Guides to Hotel Management Contracts. These research documents provide all the tools and knowledge you must have to prepare for negotiations. In addition to describing the different types of hotel management companies and their operating philosophies, the Guides provide an in depth analysis of the key terms and provisions found in hotel management agreements. 

Each Guide covers the ten principal contract provisions: 

  • Management contract term
  • Operator fees
  • Operator performance test
  • Territorial restrictions
  • Budgeting
  • Owner approvals
  • Employees
  • Indemnification
  • Operator investment in property
  • Termination of the agreement.

In additional to a Global Guide which reviews hotel management contracts throughout the world, there are three additional Guides which provide comprehensive local coverage of three regions- the Americas (USA, Canada and South America), Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the Asia Pacific (APAC).

The Guides are based on data from 475 actual hotel management contracts representing close to 129,000 rooms. Each Guide is cram packed with invaluable charts, graphs and illustrative data that will give you a competitive advantage when negotiating a hotel management contract.

The consultants at HVS located in the various regions of the world, who authored these Guides, have significant hands-on experience in the hotel sector and in negotiating hotel management contracts.  Their insights on critical contract provisions of actual management contracts truly provides a global perspective by highlighting the common as well as unique trends taking place in the various hotel markets around the world. 

Pricing of Guides:

The Global Guide covering all the Regions of the World- $3,000

The Regional Guides- $2,000/region

Complete Package- Global Guide and the 3 Regional Guides- $5,000

Since a picture is worth a thousand words- download sample excerpts from the HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts to see how much vital information is contained in these guides.