HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide

Do you know what it really cost for a hotel franchise affiliation?  Most hotel owners focus on the royalty portion of the total cost without considering a number of other charges such as the initial fee, sales fees, marketing fees, loyalty fees, and miscellaneous fees.  All these fees can add up to a huge expense.  Do you know that the total cost of a Hampton Inn franchise over a ten year period expressed as a percentage of rooms revenue over the same period is over 15% of rooms revenue?

Using the data and information from official public filings, the HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide breaks down these costs for most of the major franchised brands.  After evaluating the findings from this guide some hotel owners have opted to go independent or selected one of the soft brands in order control cost and make better use of their sales and marketing dollars.

To get an idea of the comprehensive information contained in the HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide- Download the Excerpts below:     

Price of the HVS Hotel Franchise Fee Guide:  $585